What We Do

House Hours

Drop by the Roots Office Mondays-Fridays from 12-5 for free tea and coffee, for a spot to study or to be distracted from studying, for board games, or just to hang out with friends.  We’d love to see you!  

Tuesday Nights

We head to the Aroma Cafe on Tuesday Evenings from 7-9 for Food, Fun, and Something Meaningful – a free curry dinner, a game or fun activity, and a short talk!

Big Breakfast

Join us at Roots Friday from 10-12 on the 3rd of May for a free pancake breakfast complete with all kinds of toppings!

Weekend Away

Spend a weekend with us in Newcastleton in the Scottish Borders on 23rd-25th of February! It’s all the food, fun, and something meaningful that you can expect at Roots, but for a whole weekend! Cost for the whole weekend including travel, food, and accommodation is only £45!!!

Open Mic Night

Come show off your amazing talents for an evening of entertainment, or come and watch all your friends perform on Friday the 15th of March from 5:00-7pm. 

End of the Year Party

Join us the 10th of May from 7-10pm to celebrate another amazing year at Roots! We’ll have a free dinner, time to say goodbye to leavers, and lots of fun games! 

Roots: Globalscope Edinburgh is a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation SC044374.